Time is an Earthworm [thank you, Kurt Vonnegut]

1. time is relative to the human experience attached to it
2. time, when viewed as a flat plane is, simply spoken, a blur of color, light, motion, biological parts. It would overwhelm the [our] senses
3. I think, in all honesty, we experience time from the edges of what time is [the fourth dimension] because of the bodies we are born with. Perhaps beings not tied down to our chemical compositions, understand it better than we do. Perhaps, they already live in this incorporal [sic] plane known as the 4th dimension (time), sidelined to our own.
4. Maybe our experiences are just layers of a giant worm because that’s how we MUST experience the forth dimension. Our existence, somehow, [is] the natural flaw from evolving.
5. Each section represents the universe and all of reality as we know it. It is infinitely small sections seamlessly attached together (organic).