Two views from the time traveller’s window

Wild self-centered exaggerations – other possibilities are exotic distant shores.


Just after zero the baby is horizontal. Childhood develops as a continuous uphill growing, then jumps to selfhood (21) to a couple. The steps are climbed again with a first child – a horizontal baby, and then finally two kids. And upwards.


Time for a child is eternal compared to time for an elderly person, for whom time flies past. For a child, a day is about 30 hours, in old age a day rushes past in an hour and a half.There is some experimental evidence for this. If you ask computer literate 20 yr. olds to purchase items in a hierarchical site (amazon, or, then ask the same task of computer literate 60 year olds – both will tell you that it took them about 4 minutes, even though the 20 yr. olds did it in 2 minutes and the 60 yr. olds did it in 8 minutes.