Papi drew a cloud (jokingly everyone laughs) he thinks about nature when he thinks about time. Then continues to quickly sketch out his tragic story when nature turns on people. In this case no one dies after the mudslide/earthquake destroys their houses and those affected are taken on a bus and driven away.

Wandering Path

There are three times shown. One a wandering path, effected by circumstances. One a cycle of the days, and a daily cycle, shown reversed, as here you are the center with time moving around you.


The black lines, when wide and together, show time in a continuity, like being a child in a family. The single black line is a journey without a known destination, like becoming an adult, or in college. Other (red) figures are enmeshed and influence.


Just after zero the baby is horizontal. Childhood develops as a continuous uphill growing, then jumps to selfhood (21) to a couple. The steps are climbed again with a first child – a horizontal baby, and then finally two kids. And upwards.