WINTER : The Subjective Maps of Time
March 2012 : Martin Wattenberg & Marek Walczak collect subjective maps of time in collaboration with LEA Digital Media Exhibition Platform. MW2MW collect images using Twitter feeds, Facebook, Flickr  and other social sites.

SPRING : Lehigh University Product Design Student Project on Time
29th March 2012 : Marek Walczak presents Time Project to the studio.
26th April 2012 : Final presentation of the Time Project

Each year Wes Heiss sets his students a project on concepts of time, this year we are combining their studio with MW2MW’s time project. MW2MW will present Timemaker, and the recent pieces created for #seetime. The students then create time machines, or industrial design objects, based on the their analysis of these themes.

SUMMER : Time Machines
Later this summer Wes will be doing a residency at Beamis. Marek and Wes will meet there to create a series of Time Objects. These will be fabricated at the end of September.

Rory Solomon will work parallel to Marek & Wes to create HTML5 versions of Time Objects.

FALL : Exhibition
The culmination would be an exhibition of these machines, as well as a visualization of the various maps of time.