She sees time as having parallel paths, “like in Star Trek.” When I asked, “are these parallel paths in your own life?” she said, “No, of course it’s impossible to travel between parallel worlds!”


Just after zero the baby is horizontal. Childhood develops as a continuous uphill growing, then jumps to selfhood (21) to a couple. The steps are climbed again with a first child – a horizontal baby, and then finally two kids. And upwards.

The angel

The Angel being dragged into the uncertain future while grasping for the past. A familiar image from the 20th century but drawn by a high school student.

Minute consciousness

Here time is focused into a minute. But even within a minute one is conscious and unconscious of the passage of time, each second here represented as a card.


A woman goes through her lifecycle, then a conditional statement ‘Repeat for children’. So time again is both linear and cyclical. However, the body dies and jokily goes to a shopping mall (heaven). This and the reincarnation example are the only examples of time after death.


Spirals of time are very popular. In this case they emerge from a swamp of time past, as if the personality gave birth to itself. The moon here appears to govern the spiral tides. People often see night and day as being important. 


Time for a child is eternal compared to time for an elderly person, for whom time flies past. For a child, a day is about 30 hours, in old age a day rushes past in an hour and a half.There is some experimental evidence for this. If you ask computer literate 20 yr. olds to purchase items in a hierarchical site (amazon, or, then ask the same task of computer literate 60 year olds – both will tell you that it took them about 4 minutes, even though the 20 yr. olds did it in 2 minutes and the 60 yr. olds did it in 8 minutes.

Mixed Metaphors

There are three mixed metaphors. First the parable of the seed, where seeds scattered in the past sometimes grow into trees. Then the future is conceived as a fuse, the future as potential, also an explosion is implied (death?). Many people are forced to draw time in different ways/scales. In this case the cycle of a week is independent.


Psychological time. A person feels like a bug in a swamp. In a sense this is like being inside the stomach, both the future and the past are inconceivable. In this case the marsh also slows a person down, doesn’t allow for high speed access.


Time expressed through incarnation. Is it linear or circular? Biological? Spiritual time?


Time is a matrix. This is a conception of time that people often tell me they understand, but which leaves me totally confused.

Pie Chart

When she was 6 years old this Korean woman had to draw a pie-chart that represented her day at school. These drawings were put on a wall and she then had to keep to this schedule.


A stomach combined with an hourglass.


Time as a stomach! Often the stomach is drawn with a head and anus. Somehow the body negotiates its way through this soft, cave-like interior. Often parcels of time are indicated, that tend to change in size according to their location.