What do you see, when you picture time?

Think about the next week, month, or year… the rest of your life, or your life so far. Does a diagram come into your head?

Below are drawings of visions, images or mental modes of time. We’d like to collect more as part of an online exhibition. To participate you can upload an image here…

Time Tree

Time & Space

Like small universes that pop

Time. Like small universes that pop.


Time is an Earthworm [thank you, Kurt Vonnegut]

1. time is relative to the human experience attached to it
2. time, when viewed as a flat plane is, simply spoken, a blur of color, light, motion, biological parts. It would overwhelm the [our] senses
3. I think, in all honesty, we experience time from the edges of what time is [the fourth dimension] because of the bodies we are born with. Perhaps beings not tied down to our chemical compositions, understand it better than we do. Perhaps, they already live in this incorporal [sic] plane known as the 4th dimension (time), sidelined to our own.
4. Maybe our experiences are just layers of a giant worm because that’s how we MUST experience the forth dimension. Our existence, somehow, [is] the natural flaw from evolving.
5. Each section represents the universe and all of reality as we know it. It is infinitely small sections seamlessly attached together (organic).

Block Universe

This is love, all that ever was and can be


It is infinity and all around us.


Creative Sonification, sensing time and space in continuous motion to music.

Process Time

Time is a process for me. I began by drawing a set of steps or mountain (it can be interpreted either way). I put in clouds, because often in the beginning of something, our minds might not see things clearly. As time goes on, we gain clarity, so at the top of the mountain is the sun. Time happens in steps, day by day, month by month, experience by experience. The higher we climb, the more we learn and the better we will be for it.

Life cycle of plant


A Day

The Day

Time 1

Machine time versus all other time…


Time imagined as a cross-section view inspired by biological metaphor of roots and offshoot that connect past to present (event horizon) and future.


The music-compositional concept of counterpoint is a tool to investigate harmonic and rhythmic relations within musical performance. It is a vital practice of space-time exploration, and of potential. This drawing is a diagram of counterpoint, in the form of backwards and upside-down, a retrograde inversion.


Time folds, time flies



Our Experience of Time – As a Headpiece

The Proliferation

The Proliferation of All Possible Events From a Single Point in Time, Now – Ten Minute


Time with road, glasses and tunnel.

Two views from the time traveller’s window

Wild self-centered exaggerations – other possibilities are exotic distant shores.

Big Clockwise Circle

The year has always moved in a big clockwise circle for me, with summer in front, winter in back, etc. I represented that here as a spiral, moving upwards and getting smaller, since time passes more quickly as I get older. The 2nd image is a detail of a piece of that segment, representing about 3 weeks, with cyclical bits of intensity. And the final image is a detail of that, representing about 1 day, with sporadic peaks and troughs as I experience time unevenly even throughout a single day.

Linear Time

The image for me represents the linear quality of time while never being exactly the same in its duration, tempo, or how the individual feels about the experiences that mark its passage.

Read on Beach

I understand time when I can read whatever I want on a sunny tropical beach, where I occasionally look up and watch the natural world change at a slower pace than to what I am used to.


Monitoring the physical as a rubric for the passage of time. A ripple in a pond creates a wave that can be charted in terms of location through space. The potential energy and kinetic energy from a man throwing a rock. Velocity and distance of his throw and the relationship of various ripples of time intersecting.

Time Perception

We cannot see the future; we only have a view of the past that ever recedes away from us.



Isla Calebra

Cielo – sol – viento – olas – naturalesa.
She measures or when she thinks about time she thinks of nature.


Her life story diagram … in time she remembers iconic experience.


Solstice – time revolves around winter & summer, the two coming at different ‘times’ according to the weather.

Single line

Time is explored only through drawing a single line and in 10 minutes there is time for detail. Capturing movement.


Papi drew a cloud (jokingly everyone laughs) he thinks about nature when he thinks about time. Then continues to quickly sketch out his tragic story when nature turns on people. In this case no one dies after the mudslide/earthquake destroys their houses and those affected are taken on a bus and driven away.


Each year is a band in the circle. The thickness of the band relates to how “important” or salient a given month is for me. Summers tend to be more salient than winters (which is cool because, since I’ve spent half of my life in brazil and half here, the summer months are flipped half way through).

Wandering Path

There are three times shown. One a wandering path, effected by circumstances. One a cycle of the days, and a daily cycle, shown reversed, as here you are the center with time moving around you.


The black lines, when wide and together, show time in a continuity, like being a child in a family. The single black line is a journey without a known destination, like becoming an adult, or in college. Other (red) figures are enmeshed and influence.

Tues Wed

She can only picture Tuesday and Wednesday clearly. (I asked her about this many times, and that is definitely the case. It doesn’t matter what the current day of the week is.)


Time in the past is like a distinctive pattern, a story to be told. The present is just potential.


The branches are life choices that you get a glimpse of.

Tree rings

Time like rings of a tree, with events creating their own aberrations.